Our team has gained expertise in sooo many diferent industries. Find yours, or contact us for a custom made solution.

Electronic Archiving System

"Archives constitute the memory of nations and of societies, shape their identity, and are a cornerstone of the information society" - International Council of Archives.

Contract Management System

Control every aspect of your contracts - time, quantity or money. You can have complete information about your business arrangements through a single system implementation.

Public Procurement Software

We developed a smart solution for the public sector. It will help you manage your Annual public procurement plan, work through every stage of the procurement and get any report your institution needs.

Energy Efficiency System

Following MK and EU regulative, we created a system that will help you create every Energy efficiency related document (confirmation, sertificate, and reports.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Use a modern ERP system anywhere you need. Your store is automated with your warehouse management, so you can have complete control. This is just a single feature - read more.

Legal Management Software

We know lawyers are used to working with a pile of papers, mannualy creating documents. We worked with some talended legal advisors and created a solution that will be your legal assistant through ever legal process.