Legal Management Software

Product summary

We know lawyers are used to working with a pile of papers, mannualy creating documents. We worked with some talended legal advisors and created a solution that will be your legal assistant through ever legal process. Give us a call, and we will show you how.

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What do you get?

Case Management

You will have every case you work on on a single platform. Every file you received or created available on a single click.

Case database

The longer you use the system, more cases you have on reach. No more looking through binders or archiving storages to find that one similar case you worked on many years ago. Digitalizaion helps you have every info you need, fast and easy.

Have your working day on your phone

Complete schedule of meetings, tasks and hearings - work around what is set in "stone" , court apperances. Don't miss a single deadline, our system will make sure of it.
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