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The 14mm balance wheel suspended above the dial elements, just a little below the domed sapphire glass, was the focal point on the Legacy Machine No.1 when Tag Heuer Replica Watches introduced their horological narrative. It was more than the floating dials or the vertical power reserve indicator.

The LM Perpetual was the culmination of this story. This concept, where the balance wheel is suspended above the dial face, was first emphasized in the LM No.2, then purified with LM101 and elevated in the LM Perpetual. It is important to note that the LM Perpetual was the first time that Tag Heuer Replica Watches presented the balance on the dial. The other components of the regulating assemblies--palette wheel and escapement wheel--were visible through the caseback.

Stephen McDonnell's feat of separating the balance wheel and palette fork from the escapement wheel and placing them either side of dial and connected by the longest balance shaft used in a timepiece at the time, 11.78mm long, was only mentioned as a fact.

This shaft's exact length and the way it was made were crucial to ensuring that energy was effectively transferred from the barrel to balance wheel, and then the wheel's regulation was transmitted to the moving train. A Omega Seamaster Replica with the slightest imbalance would have looked stunning, but not kept accurate time. It was a chronometry issue that could have been compromised by an aesthetic choice.

This was no small feat. This was a triumph that deserved to be on its own stage. The Tag Heuer Replica Watches Split Escapement aims to do just that.