Product summary

Over 12% of Macedonia’s GDP are funds intended and spent in public procurement processes.

We developed a smart solution for the public sector. It will help you manage your Annual public procurement plan, work through every stage of the procurement and get any report your institution needs.

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What do you get?

Electronic annual procurement plan

You create the plan and import it into the system. Then - the system guides you through your tasks for delivering every point of the plan.

Predefined types of procedures

We know the process is long, full of million documents and pretty stressfull for the team. Use a smart tool to make you job easier.


Have full control over your procurement status. Know every detail for procurements that are in progress, have not started yet or are already finished and part of your contract management system.
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You will have a digitalized working enviroment for you procurement team. Every aspect of the procurement process is implemented into the system. 

Write and import your Annual procurement plan, go through every stage of its completion, get budget reports throughout tne year and make informed decisions about your next plan. All of this with a single system