Electronic Arhiving System

Take care of your documentation as it is an essential part of your business.

“Archives constitute the memory of nations and of societies, shape their identity, and are a cornerstone of the information society” – International Council of Archives.

MBS E-Archive will help you start your digitalization process by organizing your single-entry point of documentation. 

Web solution

Web solution, implemented on your infrastructure which gives you additional security for your data.

Electronic Register

Your data is well organized into one electronic register and can be easily retrieved for any needs you might have.

Digitalization od documents

Build a single repository for your company's documents through a single-entry application and its digitalization module

Mail or Automatic distribution

Use the mail distribution module to electronicly connect your employees so they can send/recieve documentation the moment it arrives at your organization.

Digital signature

Digitally signed electronic document is legaly binding as is every signed written document. Through our system you can work with digitaly signed documents and give them archiving information as required by law.

Electronic stamp

It is time. Electronic documents are circulating more and more into the corporate world. Be prepared. Our system can create elecrtonic stamps on your documents as part of the archiving process.
Try E-Archive today!

Using ditigal archiving helps you minimize paper usage in your company. The digitalizaton process is not simple – but we can all agree that it needs to start from the point where most if not all of your records enter or exit. Give us a call and someone from our team will help you make a choise. The benefits are countless, we selected just a few: