Contract Management System

Your business relies on contracts. Be prepared to take actions on time.

Control every aspect of your contracts – time, quantity or money. You can have complete information about your business arrangements through a single system implementation.

Modern technology

Web solution implemented on your infrastructure or as a part of an ERP in the cloud. Give us a call and we'll explain the differences and find a suitible solution for your company.

24/7 access

There was a time when any info you needed for your business was located into your office. Today, modern technology allows you to have full access, anytime and anywhere. Use it

Affordable prices

We have a solution for every type of organization. We will make thourugh analyses and create a solution that will be invaluable to your business, but at a price you can invest.

Multiple roles

You can finally have the security you want. Only employees with a specific role can work and control your business partners, third-party vendors or partners. We will help you and your team create a central location for managing your contracts and taking action from the reports the system provides.

Upgrade according your needs

We know that every company is different, so we try and modify the processes according to your needs. We build custom-made soltuions from our clients requests, so we can surely recreate or modify an existing solution to match your business.

System integration

You have systems in place in your company? You want to implement more than one MBS solution? No problem, whether is an archiving system or an invoice system, we can integrate them in no time.
What do you get?

Contract Management

No matter the type - if it is a service agreement , a building construction agreement, delivery of goods etc. , you will have real time information about the time, quantity or money spent of realization of the agreement.

Finance Management

Create price lists, delvery deadlines, penalties, reccuring expenses and worry only about your obligations for the agreement, everything else is easily controled through the system.
Do you need this ?

No more – the contract is due for renewal tomorrow.

No more – the financial part of the contract is spent.

No more – delivery deadline is 3 days from today, we don’t have time for preparation because we thought it is next month.

Use digitalization wisely, rely on a secure system that will remember important information and you won’t miss a thing.

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